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Humanist wedding

A humanist wedding has the same status as a religious wedding (before concordat marriage was introduced).
It has therefore no legal force, but remains an important ceremony for the couple, and also socially.
The humanist ceremony is all about the couple and it is the couple who decides what form the ceremony will take.

There is no set script and it entirely depends on the couple how the ceremony will look like, depending on their interests, preferences and any particular needs.

A humanist wedding can be very formal or more relaxed, modest and intimate or a big celebration. The ceremony, which is hosted by the humanist celebrant, is very personal - it can include stories about the couple, their love story, personal experiences, or passions. Readings of texts about love and happiness, favourite songs and guest speeches are also very popular during a humanist marriage.

Humanist ceremonies have become more frequent, often organized by couples of different nationalities, living in Poland or abroad.

Folwark Stara Winiarnia can answer all your needs during the organization of a humanist wedding
- including providing professional translation services.



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