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Mountain biking trails in Beskid Wyspowy and Gorce

Kasina Bike Park


The Kasina Bike Park is a bike park, built in 2017. At present, we are the largest facility of this type in Poland with nine paths of different profiles and difficulty levels. We have a modern and fast chairlift which will transport you and your bike to the summit in just 5 minutes! We want the Kasina Bike Park to become one of the Polish centres of gravity-assisted mountain biking. We already stand out against other centres, and we still have many plans for development and improvement of the existing trails! PUMPTRACK! Read more:


Mountain biking trails

In the region of Beskid Wyspowy

Those who like cycling and especially mountain biking, can find many interesting trails in the area of Mszana Dolna, such as:

- From Mszana Dolna, through Zarabie, Glisne, Tenczyn, Lubień and back to Mszana Dolna through Lubień and Kasinka Mała. This route allows you to cycle around the mountain Szczebel (approx. 20 km) and to visit the above-mentioned villages;

- From Mszana Dolna via Kasina Wielka, Węglówka, Kasinka Mała and then back to Mszana Dolna. This trail allows you to cycle at the foot of Lubogoszcz and to visit the mentioned villages. The entire route (approx. 25 km) offers beautiful landscapes.

- From Mszana Dolna to Koninki (the limit of the Gorce National Park) via Podobin, Poręba Wielka, Niedźwiedź. The route in both directions - 26 km. It also offers beautiful landscapes with the possibility to visit all of the mentioned typical villages of the region.

- From Mszana Dolna through Kasina Wielka, Jurków, Wilczyce, Łostówka, Mszana Górna, and back to Mszana Dolna; this route is for more "advanced" and offers a very diversified 30km trail. 70% of the route is asphalt roads, and the rest is a typical mountain trail. An additional difficulty is that you ride uphill almost the whole time which might be at times quite difficult.

It is also worth to go biking on one of the typical mountain trails like Turbacz.

In the Gorce National Park, mountain biking is only possible on the specially marked trails:

- Hucisko - Pasieka - Potasznia
- Hucisko - Potok Olszowy - Tobołów – Czarne Błota – Poręba Górna
- Hucisko - Potok Turbacz - Polana Szałasisko - Potok Olszowy
- Stare Wierchy - Obidowiec - Turbacz

Outside the national park, biking is allowed on all the hiking trails, roads and dirt-tracks.

We recommend eleven specially marked biking routes that start at the railway station in Kasina Wielka (you can also ride in the opposite direction). We guarantee an amazing experience, attractive views and contact with the exceptional beauty of the nature.
Some of the routes can be divided in two stages. If you have a tent, you can stop for a bivouac, informing your friends or the appropriate units like the Mountain Rescue (GOPR) and leaving your phone number. Let us also remind you about the necessary precautions. It is important to have the appropriate equipment, adequate physical capabilities and to stay connected. This might be very important in case you need help.
Also, do not forget that riding a bike in the mountains differs radically from the lowlands. Thus, a 1km ride in the mountains is similar to 3km in the lowlands. It can happen that our physical condition may not be sufficient. So please always refer to the description of each trail and adapt gradually the difficulty you choose. After some time training in the mountains, a difficult route will become easier, but this requires a little of self-discipline. The first biking trails that you choose should be more educational and rather easy. Then, after several trips the difficulty can be gradually raised. If repeated after one month, you will be able to see that your physical condition improved and your muscles are stronger and that some of the skin fat disappeared somewhere. You become fitter, lighter and healthier.

Health above all!
Have fun!

Route No. 1

Śnieżnica – through the summit
LENGTH - about 8km
Difficulty - 3-4 (quite difficult)
TIME - about 2.5-3h

From the bottom of the ski-lift - go to the top by the chair-lift and then along the blue trail up to the summit. From the top, still following the blue trail towards Ćwilin you will reach the road leading to the mountain shelter, then you turn right and after a few minutes you arrive at the gate to the shelter (you can eat, relax) and then following the signs with a bicycle you go towards the top of the station. Being at the top station we have to choose

Take the chair-lift to go down.
Follow the blue trail to go down.
Follow the chair-lift to go down.
You arrive to the railroad tracks.

Route No. 2

Śnieżnica from Gruszowiec
LENGTH - about 9km
Difficulty - ½ 3 (hard-easy), ½ 2 (easy)
Time - about 4 - 4.5 h

Starting from the Rent-a-bike ATOMIC in Kasina Wielka, you follow the street Kolejowa, go down the paved road for about 900m, then left before the bridge on a narrow asphalt road. Then, you ride for about 4km through the village and across the railroad tracks (RETRO). After 20 min you go slightly upward on the asphalt road until you reach the col Gruszowiec at 680m above sea level (there is a bar where you can eat). Later, you follow the blue trail towards the shelter on Śnieżnica – quite a difficult path. After about half an hour, you arrive at the shelter (you can rest and have a meal). Then, you move towards the upper station of the ski-lift. Being at the top station, you can choose one of the following options:
Go down by the chair-lift.
Go down following the blue trail.
Go down along the chair-lift (hard).

Route No. 3

Lubogoszcz - Ściana
LENGTH - about 8km
Difficulty - 4 (quite difficult)
TIME - 4.5 h

From the Rent-a-bike ATOMIC you go down on the paved road (about 1 km) to the junction. There, turn left and after 1,2 km you will reach the col (Mogiła). Turn right next to the chapel along the red trail. On your way, you will pass by timber depots (beech) and then continue upwards, then after the signs (piles of stones) to the left and follow the forest path. From there, you can admire a beautiful view on Ćwilin and Gorce (you might also be able to see farther the Tatra Mountains). Then ride down the forest path following the biking signs until you reach the bridge under the railway tracks. Go next to the main road by the railway track, 300m, until you see a gas station and a bar. Being in that area, you have to look towards Śnieżnica behind the bar and find there an asphalt road. You need to go there. When you reach Siodełko –from the asphalt road you turn left onto a dirt-track, after about 0.8 km you reach an asphalt road (the chapel) and you go right down the road until the point of departure. This route is very diversified.

Route No. 4

The area of Kasina
LENGTH - 9km
TIME - about 5 hours

From the Rent-a-bike ATOMIC to the chair-lift – then up by the chair-lift or the bicycle trail under the rope (it is difficult and steep), or the blue trail on the left side of the slopes. You get to the top station and then you follow the signs until the mountain shelter - you go past the shelter towards the col Gruszowiec (blue trail, bike signs), at some point it becomes a fairly steep descent. You reach the first houses and a small old quarry, then you turn right onto a narrow asphalt road. This direction, you move towards Śnieżnica, until you reach the crossing, you cross the bridge, and then you ride slightly upward and you reach the road Mszana Dolna-Nowy Sacz. On this road, turn left, after about 0.5 km (old wooden school building). Turn right onto a narrow asphalt road, down past Osady Kordy - Ścurki - Grzesiczki. Here you have to find the right direction to follow but if you ride along the cycling signs, it should not be a problem. We must reach the Rogi housing area, then you get to the asphalt road which leads you to the main road Mszana Dolna - Nowy Sacz. Here, turn right, after about 0.1 km there will be a gas station and a bar, turn left along an asphalt road and arrive at Mogiła. There, you have to go down until the junction between the road to the railway station and the bike rental Atomic.

Route No. 5

Length – approx. 15km
Difficulty - 2 (Easy, nice landscapes, educational)
TIME - about 6 hours

From the Rent-a-bike ATOMIC until the railway station, near Śnieżnica in the direction of Dobra (the road to Wola Skrzydlańska), from where you follow the red trail through Dzielec, Wierzbanowska Górka (778m above sea level) and the Jaworzyce Col. You pass by Osada Paryłówka, after about 1.5 km you reach the peak of Lubomir at 904m above sea level. There is an observatory. From Lubomir, you can continue along the red trail to the top of Łysina at 891m above sea level, then you get to the yellow trail, where you go left downwards through Przysłoń Wieszkówka and there left to the village Osada Kocury - Węglówka from where (an asphalt road towards Kasina Wielka), you go left and continue for 2.5 km passing by the village (you can still see Śnieżnica). You will pass by a church and acemetery and then turn left to the railway station and the bike rental Atomic.

Route No. 6

LENGTH - 16km
Difficulty - 2 (easy)
DURATION - 6h (very pleasant)

From the Rent-a-bike ATOMIC to the railway station by a road towards Wola Skrzydlańska. Then through Porąbka you get to the village Dobra, from where you should go in the direction of Mszana Dolna (at the junction with the main road right up to the col Gruszowiec – about 3km), then right near the bar at Śnieżnica. After 200m, turn left onto a narrow asphalt road, continue for about 4km by a trail near Śnieżnica, across the railroad track and then you reach a paved road. Here, go right up the hill towards the railway station and the bike rental Atomic.

Route No. 7

Trip to Szczyrzyc
LENGTH - 18km
Difficulty - 2 (easy)
TIME - 5h

From the Rent-a-bike ATOMIC to the railway station in the direction of Wola Skrzydlańska. Then farther to Skrzydlna, through the village towards Szczyrzyc. It is a village with a Cistercian monastery, the Devil's Stone, Indian Village and agro-tourism in Koziarnia. You can return by the same route or by Wielka Droga to Skrzydlna and towards Dzielec. From there, you go down through the village to Kasina Wielka. You pass next to a church, a cemetery and after that, you turn left towards the railway station and the bike rental Atomic. The route is quite long but easy and pleasant.

Route No. 8

Ring - Pieninki Skrzydlanskie
LENGTH - 12km
Difficulty - 3 (rather difficult)

From the Rent-a-bike ATOMIC you should go to the railway station in the direction of Wola Skrzydlańska, and then to Stróża. There, near the school in the direction of Przylasek, you go straight on - direction of Dalna Góra (it will be on your right). Then you get to Pale, then to the road Skrzydlna - Dobra. Turn right to the village Osada Kalety, cross the railroad tracks and after that turn right onto the dirt-track. At the foot of Śnieżnica you go towards Wola Skrzydlańska and continue over the railway tracks towards the railway station in Kasina Wielka.

Route No. 9

Ring - Śnieżnica - Ćwilin
LENGTH - 24 km
Difficulty-2 (easy)
TIME - 7-8h

From the Rent-a-bike ATOMIC to the station – direction of Wola Skrzydlańska - Skrzydlna from where you should ride towards Dobra. Once in Dobra, choose the direction of Mszana Dolna (you will get to the intersection Nowy Sacz - Mszana Dolna). There, go across in the direction of Jurek. At your right you will have Ćwilin. In Jurków you pass by the church and go straight on and you arrive to a bifurcation - here turn right towards Wilczyce, riding up the hill. Once you have the,, Chapel " on your right - turn right on dirt-road to Osada Tworki. Then go towards the summit Czarny Dział, where you have to reach the yellow trail. It starts in Mszana Dolna and goes to Ćwilin. Being on the yellow trail, turn right towards Ćwilin. After about 10 minutes, turn left from the trail heading towards the village Osady Wydarte. Pay attention to the cycling signs - after about 20 minutes you will reach a narrow asphalt road – a little bit uphill and then you reach the main road Mszana Dolna - Nowy Sacz. Here turn left and go down. After about 300m, turn right onto a narrow asphalt road (Osada Szymony). Going down the hill you will go across a stream and turn left, then still following the narrow asphalt road go across the railway tracks and then you will get to a paved road in the direction of the train station and the rental in Kasina Wielka.

Route No. 10

At the foot of Śnieznica – Ćwilin
Length – approx. 18km
Difficulty - 3-4 (quite difficult)
TIME - about 3.5 h-4h

From the Rent-a-bike ATOMIC - Kasina Wielka, Kolejowa street, go down the paved road for about 850m. Before the bridge, turn left onto a narrow asphalt road, and continue along the stream until the railway tracks (Retro). After the crossing, continue straight ahead until the bifurcation (approximately 650m), then turn right over the bridge and go up to the main road Nowy Sacz - Mszana Dolna. Turn left up the hill and continue to Wydarte. Once you see the first buildings on the right (a well), turn right onto a narrow asphalt road and ride down for about 500m. The road continues rightwards and you should continue straight on up the hill after the buildings (dirt-track) and go towards Ćwilin following the cycling signs. After approximately 0.5 km, you will reach the yellow trail from Ćwilin to Mszana Dolna. Being on Ćwilin, rest a bit and admire the nature of the region, then go down, and then right following the signs and the yellow bike trail. You will arrive at a very wide clearing with beautiful landscapes of the Tatras and the other mountains of the region, the whole chain of Gorce, Babia Gora, etc. Being at the highest point (Czarny Dział), you have to turn right from the yellow trail, down a steep path and you get to the end of the forest. After that, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Słomka valley, which stretches from Kasina Wielka towards Mszana Dolna. On the left Mszana Dolna, in front Lubogoszcz and on the right Śnieżnica. Following the only road from the clearing, go down to the asphalt road Mszana D. - Nowy Sacz. Being on the main road, go right up the hill towards Śnieżnica and Kasina Wielka. At the gas station turn left (Mogiła) and continue down to the crossroads, then turn right towards the railway station Kasina.

Route No. 11

A ride from Śnieznica
LENGTH - 9km
Difficulty - 4 (very difficult)
TIME - 4 - 5 hours

From the Rent-a-bike ATOMIC you should ride at the foot of Śnieżnica and get to the upper chair-lift station or ride up the steep trail. Being on top, go down towards the shelter (green trail) following the cycling signs. After about 1km you will see a clearing, which has a playground and sports field. You have to turn right before this clearing and continue following the cycling signs downwards. Be careful, in the middle of the trail there is a closed foresters' gate. After passing the barrier continue downwards until the end of the forest where you will reach a narrow asphalt road. You can go right on the asphalt, down where after about 0,5 km you reach a dirt-road to the railway station and to the rental ATOMIC or you go right, then through the forest down to the village following the cycling signs, where you get to the asphalt road. Then turn right and continue to the railway station. This is a short but difficult route that requires appropriate technique and good equipment. After completing the whole trail, satisfaction is guaranteed.

Have fun!

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