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Relaxation Area, Sauna

To our guests we recommend the Hotel Relaxation Area

Take advantage of our hotel's relax area, where you can use the services of a professional masseuse and beautician, so that after a long day you could regain strength and vitality.





ECO - Ethereal  45 minutes – PLN 130

- With olive oil and scent oils
- With coffee scrub
- With sugar and lemon scrub
- With sugar and wine scrub

All products used for the above massages are natural !


- The whole body 30 minutes – PLN 120 ; 60 minutes – PLN 160
- Partial 30 minutes – PLN 110 ; 45 minutes – PLN 130


- The whole body 40 minutes – PLN 120

Hot stone

- The whole body 40 minutes – PLN 120
- Partial 35 minutes – PLN 110





We also recommend using an infrared sauna!

Infrared saunas use infrared light to heat the body from within rather than the air from without, as a traditional sauna does. ... Infrared saunas claim the light penetrates skin more deeply than the heat of a traditional sauna, which leads to more sweat, which leads to a more abundant release of “toxins.”
Benefits of using an infrared sauna: + better sleep, + relaxation, + detoxification, + weight loss, + relief from sore muscles, + relief from joint pain such as arthritis, +  clear and tighter skin, + improved circulation, + help for people with chronic fatigue syndrome.

Even if your sweat session doesn’t do all of the things it claims to do, at least it still feels good. Plus, it contributes to your overall health and well-being by helping you relax, loosening up stiff or tight muscles, reducing joint pain, and giving you some much needed time to yourself.



1 person or 2 persons (45 minutes) - 60zł



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