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Ski resorts, ski lifts

Kasina Ski


Kasina Ski is located in Kasina Wielka, hometown of cross country skier Justyna Kowalczyk. This slope is the longest one and located nearest to Cracow slope with artificial snowmaking and lighting systems, classified as an intermediate-rated ski run. The ski slopes are snowed artificially (if needed) and illuminated. The difficulty is medium. One of the characteristic features of this ski resort is the uniform inclination (21%) of the slopes. It is an excellent ride for both beginners and experienced skiers.
Śnieżnica Ski resort invites you to enjoy a four-chair lift chair with a length of 1,100 m. Trip to the upper station takes less than 7 minutes.




Lubomierz Ski


The Lubomierz Ski resort is located on the northern slope of Jaworzynka (1026 m above sea level) just next to the Gorce National Park. From the upper station, skiers and snowboarders can enjoy a beautiful panorama of Beskid Wyspowy.
There are currently two ski-lifts. A fast, double ski-lift (almost 700 meters long) and a 100 meters long ski-lift intended for children, beginners or those just starting snowboarding.
There are two slopes: 1,000 meters and 700 meters long (200m elevation difference). The "beginner" slope is 160 meters long (15m elevation difference).
Ski slopes are artificially snowed and illuminated. They are regularly prepared by a snow groomer. At the lower station, there is a bar offering hot meals and drinks. In winter, the Mountain Rescue lifeguards (GOPR) ensure safety.
In winter 2007/08, a new ski-lift was opened. It is 300 meters long.


Cross-country ski trails Mogielica


Mogielica (1171 m above sea-level) is situated on the area of three villages: Dobra, Słopnice and Kamienica. A picturesque mountain called the Queen of the Beskid Wyspowy. On the western slope, there is a forest clearing called Stomorgi with a very nice view on Tatry mountains. From many viewpoints, including the 20-meter observation tower at the top of the mountain, you can admire the view of the Beskid Wyspowy, Beskid Sądecki, Gorce, Pieniny and Tatra Mountains.
Currently groomed and well maintained ski runs have a total of over 30.5 km and run along wide forest roads around Mogielica - they are also still being expanded. „Mogielica” cross country ski trail, which is designed both for experienced skiers, as well as people skiing for leisure. The route leads through the slop road around the Mogielica Massif. The route is situated at an altitude of 750-900 m AMSL.  It is marked and has several alternative descends and car parks.



  Ski routes around Mszana Dolna

You can also explore almost all of the hiking routes by skiing. You are also allowed to ski on the following trials:

Turbacz - Obidowiec- Suhorę -Tobołów do Koninek.
Koninki - Tobołów - Obidowiec - Stare Wierchy- Rabka
Hucisko - Potok Olszowy - Tobołów- Czarne Błota - Poręba Górna
Hucisko - Potok Turbacz - Polana Szałasisko - Potok Olszowy
Suhora - Nowa Kopana Droga - Polana Młynarska
Hucisko - Pasieka - Potasznia - Kopa
Potasznia - Kopa
Potasznia - Brukowana Droga - Przełęcz Borek
Drogi stokowe w rejonie Mogielicy, Półrzeczek, Szczawy, Łopienia
Jurków - Ćwilin - Mszana Dolna
Mszana Dolna - Przeł. Glisne - Raba Niżna /czerwony/zielony/
Gruszowiec - Śnieżnica - Kasina - Lubomir - Kudłacze - Myślenice lub Lubień

Lubomierz Przysłop - Dział - Jasień - Mszana Dolna


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