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Winery - wine and whiskey tastings

Following the history...



Tytuł 1 Referring to the history of our predecessors, continuing the tradition of wine production from the time of the Polish PRL, when the Winery was experiencing a heyday producing 1 000 000 bottles of apple-wine a year.

To this day, we keep artifacts from that time - the original bottles of wine.

We invite our guests to a mysterious underground chambers, where you can now find a charming wine cellar.
It is a perfect place to run our wine tastings and wine shows,
which may be an interesting addition for our hotel guests
or any banquet or company meeting.

With our help you may enter the mysterious and exciting world of wine...
Tytuł 2 Folwark Stara Winiarnia invites you to experience the nuances of wine and whiskey at our various tastings organised throughout the year.

During a wine tasting session, we analyse different types of wines using our sight, smell and taste, and compare the main characteristics of the tasted wine to the reference model.

Our offer includes:
- Sommelier tastings in the Old Winery
- Romantic tastings for couples
- Tastings combined with a gala dinner
- Wine and whiskey tastings for weddings, conferences and other events
- Wine classes.
We especially recommend intimate wine tastings in small groups.


Degustacje Wina Folwark Stara Winiarnia Mszana Dolna

You can consult all the upcoming events on the website of our Wine Club: and on our main website.
  All about  whisky i !


Degustacje Whisky Folwark Stara Winiarnia Mszana Dolna


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